Emdras is a Mail Transport Agent (Mail Server) for Windows 9x and up. It has a SMTP and POP3 server and client. This is the first alpha release. Please be aware that it is not wise to use it in a production environment yet.


What's new

No more download (24-Apr-2006)

Apparently people don't read anymore. Today again someone got caugth by the bug I described below. Therefore I decided to delete all files from the SourceForge site. This to protect them.


The easy download of the compiled version of Emdras has been removed.

The reason for this is that some people didn't setup the Mailbox path right the first time, which caused Emdras to delete files from your file system. Also see the "Known Bugs" in the help.

Please read the help first and especially the installation page. When you do this setup right Emdras does work as expected.

Development stopped (08-Feb-2006)

The development of Emdras has stopped, exactly quite some time ago. After the 0.6.0 release NO real changes were made to the sources.

Making Emdras into a reliable and usable product would take quite some time and at this moment I don't want to spend this time on this project, since I don't have the need to such a product anymore.

If anyone wants to take over the project, feel free to contact me.

Version 0.6.0 (11-Feb-2003)

First public release


The program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


No more, sorry!!!

IMPORTANT: This is alpha software. Use at you're own risk.

Here only the sources can be downloaded. The link to the compiled version has been removed. Read the news of 08-Apr-2006 why.

To install, please read the help file first! Currently there is no setup.exe, you need to manually config the server as described in the help.

Go the Emdras project at SourgeForge.net